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Fit body Category

- Judges are looking for athletes with a toned physique and defined athletic appearance but less muscle bulk than the Bodybuilding category


- Athletes wear a specific two-piece set and can be of different colors or solid color. (check examples on our website).


- Embellishments and jewelry are allowed, but not in an exaggerated way. Shoes are mandatory but heel height is optional.



The category is evaluated as follows:

round 1

a) Symmetry. The athlete must have balanced proportions, with the lower part not dominating the upper part and vice versa.


b) Poses Athletes' hair should be pulled to one side in certain poses. - Front Double Biceps - Side Chest - Side Triceps - Back Double Biceps - Side Chest (opposite side) - Side Triceps (opposite side) - Sit-ups and Quadriceps

round 2


a) Physical appearance Refers to the athlete's general physical appearance. Muscularity and definition are evaluated, which should not be excessive but with greater volume than the Bikini category and lower than the Bodybuilding category. Athletes must not have an excessively low body fat level like the Bodybuilding category.

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