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About Us

WNBF Portugal was founded on May 15, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal by Hilda Amaral. A message from the president;

It is with great enthusiasm that we intend to take the WNBF to Portugal and create a professional team that can take our flag to international events.

I was initially introduced to the WNBF at the WNBF Philippines' first natural bodybuilding competition, Makati in 2018.
I was invited to participate in the jury training seminar and to evaluate the athletes in the competition. I learned a lot in this instructional course, in addition to observing all the work, dedication and commitment that athletes go through in their competitive journeys.


My experience in the Philippines made me realize that I had enough skills and passion to join this wonderful international family of natural fitness and want to have this responsibility to represent the federation in Portugal.

WNBF France, 2021
WNBF Philippines, 2019
WNBF France, 2022
WNBF France, 2021
WNBF Philippines, 2018
IMG_3235 2

During the year 2020/21, we will work hard to establish and grow the WNBF in Portugal, and also to connect with gyms and other companies that help us to grow.


In 2022, WNBF Portugal will start events 100% tested and for natural athletes, which will be the first time in the history of bodybuilding and fitness in Portugal!

We look forward with great anticipation to the evolution of our athletes and to be able to have a team to represent Portugal in the Amateur and Professional World Cups, that is our great goal and we will make it happen!

I present the members of the administrative board of WNBF Portugal:


Hilda Amaral, President


Detsing Amaral, Vice President

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